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Best Ways to Get Adsense Approval Fast – Part 3

Your 10 articles should have least 500 words and they should be unique, you can get an idea by reading other peoples blog post from other websites but you have to write this blog contents in a unique way so that you will have 10 blog posts with 500 or more words.

Then you are actually going to be able to apply or actually you can apply for Google Adsense anytime but you are not going to get the approval f you don’t publish 10 or more articles with 500 or more words each.

I always suggest to have 500 plus words in each article for the first end and after that, you can actually minimize the numbers if you need like maybe 250 words 400 words whatever is better suite for you and the

second part that I would love to mention is after having your websites you must need to work on your page for example here if you just notice the important pages that you must have to have in your website to get monetize

with Google Adsense, you need to have your about Us page terms and condition, privacy policy, disclaimer, and contact us page so let take a note here about Us page, contact us page, terms and service, alright and after

that let’s say privacy policy, so I’m actually going to put like privacy just and then we have got disclaimer page. These are the most important pages you should create. Another one I should mention is

sitemap, although it’s not be going to be viewable here but you should create a sitemap for your website. Now, at the about page, you just have to write for yourself but you can get some idea by viewing and

(open this link and create the exact pages been here, you can copy the content and make slight changes to suit your site?

reading some other bloggers about the section so that you’ll be able to optimize it properly and after that regarding these terms and condition privacy policy disclaimer then what do you have what you can do you can

just simply copy-past my websites terms and condition and let me show you where you have to make the change, so for example if you are just copying all of these parts from my website I’m going to open a word file.

Maybe I’m talking too much but I am actually trying to give you the clear understanding here so just copy and paste it to a new word document or whatever your website and then you just have to make change for

example here terms and condition of learners.world so my website name is learners world in this place in this case whenever you are copying it from my website you just have to place your website name here for example if

your website name is become healthier okay so this is your website name and then you have to make the change on your website domain for example here my to my name is HTTP slash slash WW dot line is the world in this

case your domain name could be like become.com for kept so I’m saying here I’ve made a mistake but let’s keep it as it is because it is just for your understanding okay so I believe you are going to understand it properly

and then you have to find out any other information that’s are belonging to my website for example here is my email address where you have to put your email address and then find out all the other information for example

here just read this spurt and find out all the information they these are belonging to learners world or whatever website you are going to collect these transient condition privacy policy page and that you have to replace these parts in with your website name and website domain…..

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