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Best Ways to Get Adsense Approved Fast – Part 2

I was writing about how to become a virtual assistant the twenty tutorial guide for beginners MailChimp all of my posts was about somehow there, they were connected about how to make money online on how to start freelancing all right, so you have to specify only, have to select a niche or subject so if you know a little bit better about maybe cricket then you can start making.

Writing blog contents about cricket if you know about health then you can start writing a blog post about health-related topics all right so this is what NEC is the first requirement and after that, you will be in need of a domain name and as an example what is a domain name?

Here, globalnewsarena is my domain name so if you are writing about health, your domain name could get healthier.com, gethealthier.net or whatever extension that you were going to use so after choosing your domain name then you will be in need of a hosting plan so I am using Bluehost.

I host all of my websites with them and a great thing about Bluehost is that whenever you are purchasing any of their hosting plans you will get a top-level domain like dot.com to Mentor net domain completely free with any hosting so
that’s a great thing and another feature I’m going to show you is first of

all let me show you the pricing is here so if you are a complete beginner you might going to ask me that how much does it cost to get started with Bluehost so you can get started from 3.59 US dollars so it is almost four US dollars and this is almost six US dollars so I (click here to see the Bluehost packages)

am using this plan five point nine five US dollars per month and why I am using this plan because I am being able to host all of my websites in one single hosting plan as you can see unlimited websites unlimited has a Satori stories unlimited bandwidth free SSL Certificates this is a great

thing and it can say unlimited domains so this is why I love Bluehost and their performance is really really better so if you are interested to get started with Bluehost then attach a special discounted link into the links in this article so that you will be able to get some discounts as well

while you purchase their hosting plan and you’ll get a free domain to so after that let me take you to my website again after having your content three short subjects and that having your domain name and after having your hosting plan, you now have to design a website you have to

chose a theme so as I have mentioned, I am using witty theme which is completely free you’ll be able to get it on WordPress theme database right it is completely free to use so you can get started with the freedom and after that let me show you what are the things that you should

keep in your mind to get monetization first thing is to open your notepad or get yourself a pen and a book here so that you will be able to take note of this information. The first thing is post at least 10 blog post or ten articles and this article should have at least ……..

Let continue in part 3 for this tutorial. Please make sure not to skip any of the sessions because you may end up unapproved if one thing is missed up undone properly. Tutorial 3 is the main action place.
Tutorial 1 here in case you missed

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