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Google Adsense Approval

Best Ways to Get Adsense Approved Fast – Part 4

Hello guys! Welcome to part 4 of the tutorial on the best ways to get Google AdSense approved fast for monetization. let’s say your contact details is all right so that’s it guys, so after that, you just have to copy and paste them and make pages.

I just want to show you the pages here so I’m going to show you how many plates I have got, so here about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions so you can do the same process for all of these pages just copy/paste from my website and then change it

with your information so that it will be working for you. Alright guys so after adding all of these required pages which are really important and then what you have to do you have to create your site map URL so I’m going to type out here okay so I already typed out the sitemap and then you have to add it 

So I’m actually going to add it to the pages. To create a site map, you can use Yoast SEO to create site map if you need my help on creating your site map then please let me know by commenting below I’d love to write an article or create a video on this regard, alright so you have to add it to a 

Google search console and then after that, your whole website should be added to Google search console and after adding your website into Google search console, you have to wait, I suggest you wait at least two days so that Google search console will have the time to index all your webpage index all your blog posts sitemap so that Google will know that there is actually a website containing day’s with good contents.

so that it will be helpful for them or Google algorithm to find out your website and then they will check out all of your blog post if they find everything fine and if you are not violating any of their transient condition if you are not violating any of their community guidelines then they are going to accept you. So that’s the process guys. So another thing I should mention is to get rid of slow websites.

Website speed, these are also helpful and then what else I could add here and find clean and okay clean website theme so as you can see my website here learners.world so if you just go to this home page then you’re going to see here I have my logo which is a little bit bigger because I didn’t actually concentrate it but still I have got the monetization. (check out site here)

After the logo, I have got the slider so peoples are going to see all my recent posts and then I have got a very simple page as you can see. okay, so this is very simple page nothing here to just messed up and here I have got some custom affiliate links of mine alright so that’s it, guys. 

So these are the things and make sure your contact us page is also added, I almost forgot about that make sure contact us page is added to your website and you can actually use plugins to create this.

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