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Google Adsense Approval

Best Ways to Get AdSense Approved Fast – part 1

I’m very excited and very happy to share a new experience with you so yesterday before I went to bed I applied for Google Adsense approval for one of my WordPress blog site which is Lerners.world and by this morning at 6:52 M I have received this email from Google Adsense and which that ”your site is now ready to serve ads on Adsense so”

I can’t wait to open this email to share the good news with you so let me click on this email and here is then news good news your site learner’s dat world is now ready to show Adsense ads.

I have got monetization enabled with only 12 posts and this article is going to be a really helpful and informative for you as well because I’m going to share what I had to do to get monetized with Adsense with only 12 blog post

on my website and I’ll share what are the pages that are needed to get approved and what are other things that you have to do to get your monetization faster.

Without further I do, let me take you to my WordPress dashboard here and let me show you the number of blog posts that the first of all so let me click here on all posts and if you just know this year all 12 and published 12 blog

post on my blog and at a glance, I would love to show you my blog site how is it looking like as of now with a free team so here as you can see this is the website where I have got the monetization (learners world) visit the website and see what I’m talking about.

The header section here is my logo and if you just noticed, this lighter and then I have got a very basic website template which as you can see with the sidebar and in the footer section there is knocking alright but still I have got the monetization and the funny thing is there is a misconception like if you want to get monetized from google Adsense then you have to purchase a premium theme first and then you’ll have to apply for Google Adsense

but this, I totally a misconception as you can see I have got the monetization here and as you can see good news learners world and just take a look learner that world this website I am using a free theme as you can see here learners world theme by size or themes proudly powered by WordPress is

the free theme so you can actually get started with free themes so there is no need to get a paid theme but you need a paid theme when you want to make it more beautifully and then when you want to optimize the website

to get more revenue so what I am actually going to do now as I have got the monetization I am actually going to purchase premium theme I am going to spend some time to research I’ll find out the best theme for blogging and

then I will add this theme to my website so that I’ll be able to optimize all the hats section I’ll be able to optimize the blog post alright so that I’ll be able to generate more income all right guys so first thing let me share some

information if you are a complete beginner and then if you want to get started with blogging so the first thing you be needed is a niche or a subject what about you are going to write, for example, I know about how to make money online and this is the reason I have started making some posts.

Look for part 2 of this tutorial. It will blow your mind, I will teach you the exact ways your site can be approved to start making your money on Google Adsense. See you in the next article……

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