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Why You Can’t Get Google Adsense Approved – GNA

Alright so you apply to Google Adsense and you can’t get approved, I’m gonna tell you why. Alright, guys, so you can’t get approved to Google Adsense why so what exactly is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is literally Google’s ad network where basically they let advertisers advertising other people’s websites so basically this advertisers and these publishers so you are the content creator you are the developer you are the person who’s on YouTube or wherever you at right and you’re like hey 

man, I want to get some advertising on my videos or website, I want to get some advertising on my website I want to get paid. So because you want to get paid what you do is you apply to Google Adsense but then now they send you a long email and tell you, hey man sorry buddy we can’t accept you right and the 

reason why they can’t accept you number one insufficient content. A lot of times people who have a website that they just created and they just got the domain and they say hey man my website Teletubbies.com, I just created it let’s get some advertising but what you don’t know is that Google looks 

at that and says hey man we already know people are trying to scheme if people are creating websites every single day and then we approve people and then they don’t even put the right type of content in there. Number two, it could be that you don’t have primer policy page you don’t have a disclaimer, you 

don’t have an about page, you don’t have a contact page, you don’t have information about you, why are they going to approve you if you don’t have anything that shows like hey you’re the owner of this website okay you have to understand that Google now has rules because everybody applies to Google Adsense 

but now everybody on Google Adsense wanna follow the policies now everybody that applies to Google Adsense even have their contact information on their website which is already if you get what I’m saying so make sure you have that information in there, number three page design, so if your page is super 

cluttered and your page has you know image right here paragraph right here image image image image image image image image video ads popping up crazy stuff going on okay if you have all that on your website of course not you’re not gonna get approved you have to understand Google wants to be 

partnered with websites that are actually legit you know have you ever been to those websites that look like it was made in geo cities in 1999 or Angelfire and the design already looks crazy the typography is crazy everything is made with serif fonts and display fonts and it looks crazy it’s hard to read Google is 

not gonna approve you with that so you have to make sure your website looks good it’s up to you to have that number for your website breaks the policies okay if you have things like how to cheat online, how to hack a website, how to get stuff for free torrents, how to get movies in for free how to download,

this for free those type of things Google looks down upon that it’s like now we don’t want to deal with this we don’t want to get sued so these are the reasons why you can’t get a proof for Google Adsense.

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