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Coronavirus: Fear Grips Ghanaians as First 2 Cases Recorded

A piece of reports was stony-broke last day twelfth March two020 within the evening because the Ghana|Gold Coast|African country|African nation} Health Service free a press statement according to the country has received it’s initial 2 Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases from the Scandinavian nation (Norway) and Turkey people World Health Organization came from their country to Ghana.

According to the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu (MP), laboratory results of the 2 cases were received at the identical time from Nuguchi Memorial Institute for medical analysis.

He aforesaid each people came to the African nation from the Scandinavian nation and Turkey. in order that they ensure it’s an associate foreign case of COVID-19.

According to the ministry, each patients area unit presently being unbroken in isolation and area unit stable and also the ministry has initiated for contact tracing.

“I want to assure all African Gationians that the govt. of Ghana beside all Health Partners can still work assiduously to confirm matters is contained.

We want to encourage each Gana to require care of their health which of their families by adhering to the subsequent preventative measures:

Regular and thorough laundry of hands with soap beneath running water and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
Avoid shaking of hands
Keep a distance of a minimum of 2 meters from an individual with fever, cough, sternutation and problem in respiration.
It is recommended to be physically active, drink lots of water, eat healthily, avoid stress and have enough sleep.
Stay home if you are feeling unwell with symptoms of fever, cough and problem in respiration and decision the subsequent numbers straight off, +233 (0) 509497700, +2333 (0) 558439868”, Ministry of Health.

Based on the character of the malady, the eruption has brought worry and panic on African Gationians because the culture of Ghana involves handshaking and mingling loads.

Most Ghanaians recommend that the govt. ought to seize everybody returning from any of the Europe countries and also the others that have received a variety of cases to reduce the unfold of the malady within the country.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a member of parliament for Assin South body within the central region has conjointly expressed worry regarding the eruption of coronavirus (COVID-19) within the country and recommend the govt. treat it vital before it gets out of hand as he suggests the govt. to ban travellers going out and returning within the country.

He created this identified on his common station, Sultanate of Oman FM 107.1 megacycle per second on their morning show named National Agenda every morning in weekdays.

Update on Coronavirus

Countries recorded COVID-19 = 127

Total Case = 134, 918

Total New Case = 362

Total Death = four,989

New Death = fifteen

Total Recovered/Discharged = seventy,395

Active case = fifty nine,455

Seriously/Critical = five,758 (10%)

Closed Case = seventy five,384

In delicate Condition = fifty three,776 (90%)

Ghana = two recorded

Due to the virus outbreak in the country, the prices of sanitizers has increased. It’s advisable to use hand sanitizers which have 70% of alcohol to clean our hands to wipe the virus in case they’ve affected our hands. It’s also advisable to boost your immune system against the deadly virus.

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