Fertile @60 “Obaatanpa Yaa Ofori Panin”


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“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”. Pericles.

The Romance that started from an embryonic stage of my life eventually developed into a charade of a long-lasting relationship inter-twinned with abundant eternal strong ties which continues to thrive on till date.

Having entered Ofori Panin campus at the age nine (9) for a family vacation, the aura that enveloped me at that tender age will go on to be a manifestation which I am a witness today.

Some 31 years ago at age nine of 9 , the greens and beautiful landscape continue to linger In my mind’s eyes and ears, coupled with the birds chirping and singing melodious songs to Obaantanpa Yaa Oforiwaa brings back some nostalgic feeling and the innate desire to really come back to establish the bondage. No wonder I told my granny then Mrs. Charity Asare, may she rest in peace that, I will come back on the expiration of the vacation.

The next phase of my educational advancement came with so much ease, because having experienced some affection on my first. Visit to Opass, I never blinked an eye on the choice of school to enter.

The joy and the ecstasy was so profound that I slept with OPASS in mind and woke up with OPASS in thought.
As a product of the secondary school system, the euphoria and the joy that came with the admission was so loud that I felt the ‘heaven’ we have been taught at “Junior Y” lessons by Teacher Nketiah at Koforidua ascension Presby was what I was about to experience because he said ” there is so much joy in heaven”.

Real student life begun with its ups and downs with a new assimilated culture with different sets of human beings very difficult to understand but gradually things reached a crescendo of normalcy.

Ofori Panin Senior High school is not just a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE AND CHARACTER FORMATION but an institution built on formidable principles of bond and togetherness. To some, OPASS is a school but to us we see it as family.,

Our motto ‘Dwen Na Som’ is an epitome of Philosophical knowledge of cogitation .

Eno Yaa Foriwaa born on the 21st September a thursday, as you celebrate 60 years of piety in fertility and an unabated production of offsprings found in different facets of the world, all we can say is we are proud of you and that you are not just turning 60 but you are turning into an undeniable classic that can’t be matched.

Named after the greatest Akyem Abuakwa King Ofori Panin I, who through so much bravery and courage moved the traditional Akyem Abuakwa capital from Pameng to Kyebi and venturing into several wars for Territorial aggrandisement, your sons, daughters, grandchildren are so happy about your exploits and we will continue to have our belief and the trust which we have scribbled in our school hymn that”we build our school on thee Oh Lord, to thee we bring our common needs”.

Long Live OPASS.

Long live Okyeman

OPASS is 60

Opanin Daniel Obeng (OB), 2000 batch.

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