ECG Accra West set to combat electrical illegalities among citizens


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ECG Accra West Regional Coordinator, Ebenezer Ghunney

Accra West Regional General Manager of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ebenezer Ghunney, has outlined new measures put in place to reduce electricity illegalities among citizens in Accra West.

According to him, the Accra West wing of ECG has employed technological measures to aid them in their operations.

“ECG is on a journey of going paperless so we are introducing a lot of systems to reduce the amount of paper works that go on in the company,” he said.

Speaking in a media interaction last Wednesday, he outlined some interventions put in place by the Accra West Region wing of ECG to curb the illegal tampering of electricity among citizens in the region.

“In our business, we have introduced Mobile App to make vending within our prepaid systems much easier and management of our bill payment within the zones much easier,” he stated.

“Another intervention has got to do with Meter Management. We have introduced smart meter and boundary metering to reduce losses to the bearable minimum,” he added.

Engineer Ghunney mentioned that reduction in system losses is one of the key things the Accra West region looks forward to controlling in their operation.

“One of the critical things we are looking out this year is a reduction in our system losses. When we talk about system losses, we buy power, and we sell power. The more you lose the less income that comes to you,” he noted.

“So we want this year to focus on reducing our system loses as one of the key things we would do, ” Mr Ghunney added.

He further stated that there has been an introduction of Drone Technologies in their system.

“We have introduced a PR system trying to modernize our business and also in going digital we have introduced the drone technology into our business,” he said.

“With the introduction of the drone, we intend to use them in our line service and in the control or management of our vegetation,” he added.


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