Shatta Wale sends message to NPP over E-Levy bill [Video]


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Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, has waded into the controversial E-vey bill that has been trending for weeks in Ghana.

According to him, the politicians, who are keen on implementing the electronic transaction tax, are not paying heed to the woes of Ghanaians.

The dancehall star added that the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) isn’t working with Ghanaians but rather taking decisions irrespective of whether it will affect the citizens or not.

Forget everything. Sometimes the way you people dey run the country e dey pain me sey man no grow so man also go help the country. Now you dey make e look like if you come get power you go take any decision you want.

Yes E-levy is nice but create measures so the citizens don’t complain and they will understand we are building the nation together. Work with us and think about human beings… Why do you see people (citizens) as animals who can’t take decisions? He queried.

In his recent Facebook-like video, Shatta Wale minced no words in complaining about how the E-levy will go a long way to affect the standards of living of people who are already struggling to cope with the current economy.

Shatta Wale stressed that, if the government had implemented measures and amenities that showcase positive intentions they have for Ghanaians, no one would have rebuked the E-levy bill.

We understand e levy is everywhere but in USA there are places where you can buy things with just one dollar… it doesn’t mean it has expired – it’s for the poor to also have access to things like food and clothing. Have our leaders done some for us or created that for us? That’s why when people go to America they don’t want to return. The system works there, he said.

According to the Already hitmaker, most of the politicians in the country have secured their generations financially, hence they pay zero attention to the plight of the poor masses.

But here you just wake up and decide everything at parliament. You have secured your generations but have you thought about your classmate that was so intelligent and didn’t get the opportunity you had? How will his parents survive when there is a decision like that? You people only think about how you will bring it out and get your money?

You hear the people complain and you are not paying attention and these are the same people who put their thumbs on paper to vote for president. It is sad.


Climaxing his assertion, Shatta Wale asked Ghanaians, especially the youth, to rise up for their country.

I want to tell Ghanaians something… start holding yourself as a Ghanaian. And just keep singing the song ‘Arise Ghana Youth for your Country.’ It is bad that certain decisions are being taken and we don’t take them serious. If we are not serious in this country we will continue to suffer, he said.

Watch the video below:


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