Abuakwa North: Residents Of Atopa Junction Cry For Portable Drinking Water.


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Over three hundred (300) to five hundred (500) residents of Atopa Junction, a suburb of Krukurantumi Akyem, Abuakwa North Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana are sobbing for potable drinking water for their domestic activities.

According to the residents, water is life but their lives can’t be completed with water challenges in their community.

Their sources of water are rain, sechet or have to walk a miles to cross the God Almighty School and Kukurantumi road to search for water which is been used by a cement block factory with the believe that, the water may be polluted but have no other option.

They added that, the situation is very unfortunate therefore, they are calling on the government to help them get portable drinking water.

All efforts by the Assembly Members, past and current have still not yielded any positive result.

The residents further explained the worst part of the situation, school children will have to wake up at dawn to go and queue to get a bucket of water to bath before going to school.
They sometimes report to school late and have to fetch water after school hours for domestic activities a situation that is affecting their academic performance.

The people of Atopa Junction, alley fears of their lives as the danger of crossing the highways can’t be underestimated, therefore, chorusing the appeal to government to help them with at least a borehole in their community.

Hon. Joseph Kwame Ansaah popularly called Above is the Assemblyman for Apotoosu Electoral Area, where Atopa Junction is inclusive.

On his part, he admitted to the challenge and the frustrations his people are going through to get water. He said several letters have been written to the previous Assembly but to no show. He’s currently organizing himself to send another reminder to the current MCE on same situation for a redress.

This he believes when addressed, will help improve the living conditions of the residents of Atopa Junction.

Source: Micheal Akrofi (Peace News)

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