Hairdresser shares ‘nightmare’ things customers say during their appointments


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hairdresser has shared the ‘nightmare’ situations that she faces every day with clients – and they’re so common they’ve probably happened to you at some point.

TikTok user named Amylee shared what it’s like to cut hair, saying that gripes include irritating customers and accidentally burning people.

She said she hates it when clients “roll in 20 minutes late”, and added that she finds some lanes of conversation to be incredibly annoying.

But most of all she hates it when customers ask to change their hair colour halfway through a dying session because they have changed their minds.

Listing her gripes, Amylee, @amyleeartistry, wrote: “Accidentally grabbing your shears instead of your thinning scissors, running out of colour/ developer mid-service, burning your client’s ear.

“Forgetting you just got your shears sharpened, a day of dishes.”

Amylee added that she hates it when customers come in late and ask her to throw away used coffee cups, and then listed her most hated phrases that customers use.

They include “my husband loves my long hair so don’t take off any length – but get rid of the dead stuff”, “I actually changed my mind and want to do blonde instead”, and “I know dirty hair colours best so I haven’t washed it in 18 days for you!”

Amylee’s video proved popular with TikTok users and soon she had over a million views and hundreds of comments.

One said: “The dirty hair thing needs to be talked about more! Not enough people know this.”

Then a second wrote: “I always accidentally knock my clients w my dryer. They’re used to it at this point.”

And a third commented: “My hairstylist is one of my good friends. she knows I’m always like five minutes late so I always bring her a coffee to make up for it.”

“My last appointment my hairdresser dropped the curler on me,” said a fourth user. “It hit my head and burnt my head, but i loved her and she did so good so I didn’t mind.”


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