Groom ghosts fiance on wedding day after seeing saucy video from her


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When you think about it, stag and hen dos – or bachelor and bachelorette parties – are a bit of a strange concept. One night of freedom before settling down with the person you vow to spend the rest of your life with.

But how far should that night of ‘freedom’ actually go, and is it actually acceptable to do things on your stag or hen do that you would never normally do while in a relationship?

Most of us would agree that cheating on a stag or hen do is still cheating, no matter when it happened, and one bride-to-be recently found out the hard way that bachelorette behaviour will still have consequences.

In fact, it wasn’t until her wedding day when the anonymous bride found out that her husband-to-be had stood her up, that her ex-fiancé had discovered what she’d been up to on her last night of freedom – and he wasn’t happy.

It turned out that the bride’s sister had sent her fiancé a rather saucy video taken at the bachelorette party, in which the bride was seen supping up chocolate sauce which dripped from a male stripper’s private parts. Keep it classy, people.

Sharing the story on Twitter, a woman who posts from the handle Pink Blossom, posted: “Dam man ghosted his fiancé on their wedding day cuz she had a bachelorette party and a video was sent to him from her sister of the male stripper having chocolate drip off his private part into her mouth lol [sic].”

The wedding guest later went into a little more detail, explaining that the sister had purposely sent the video as an act of “revenge” after her sister demoted her from Maid of Honour to bridesmaid.

“Sister was lame af for that she was tryna get revenge cuz her sister down graded her from a matron of honor to a bridesmaid lol… [sic],” she wrote.

People on Twitter were left divided over the whole situation, with one writing: “The right thing would’ve been telling her sister not to do it instead of watching, recording, and THEN sending it to her fiancé.”

“Nah her sister did the right thing,” another disagreed. “She could just have integrity and didn’t want this man to be hurt knowing he ain’t deserve it.”


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