Mahama’s aide reacts to Prof Atuguba’s coup statement


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Former Deputy Minister of Transport, Joyce Bawa Mogtari
Former Deputy Minister of Transport, Mrs Joyce Bawa Mogtari

Special Aide to former President John Dramani Mahama, Joyce Bawa Mogtari, has taken to the defense of Professor Raymond Atuguba.

This follows comments made by the Dean of the University of Ghana Law School, Professor Atuguba, at a forum at the Ghana School of Law, Legon.

“We do not want coup in this country but if we do not act quickly, we may have one in our hands. There is one thing to do now, prevent coup in Ghana since the climate and the environment, national and immediate international, are conducive for one. We must compel the government to acknowledge the current economic mess,” he said.

His comments have met backlashes from political leaders as well as opinion leaders expressing their disappointment.

However, Ms Mogtari has opined that Professor Atuguba has spoken the truth and reality to power since all the promises of the current government during their campaign have been futile.

“We have serious deep cracks in our system, the promises of $1 million for each constituency, 1 factory in each district and solving power situation have failed.
“The reality is that everything they spoke about has exposed them,” she said on TV3.

She said that he spoke in context, indicating that authorities that disagree with him should rather debate on the issues raised on the economic crisis.

“Let them mount a robust platform and debate the issues he has raised,” she urged.
Ms. Mogtari said courageous leaders such as Professor Atuguba are what Ghanaians need in this time of economic mess.

“We must start as Ghanaians to look for courageous leaders,” she stated.


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