ENT Nurses Association organises ear health screening for Multimedia Group staff


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The Accra branch of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Nurses Association, Ghana has organised a free ear health screening for staff of the Multimedia Group Limited.

The exercise was to commemorate the 2022 World Hearing Day on March 3.

It was in collaboration with ear assessment centres including Krispat and New Star Ghana.

As part of the exercise, employees were sensitised on the need to take care of their ears.

A former chairperson of the association based at the Ga West Municipal Hospital, Mrs Emelina Afari, said the exercise was part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

She explained Multimedia was chosen for the exercise as part of week-long activities marked nationwide.

The staff were taken through wax impartation which was an ear washout session and a physical examination of the ear (Otoscopy).

An audiologist, Jonas Mantey Nuertey, from New Star, conducted a hearing assessment and brief counselling session for the staff.

He cautioned the general public to avoid inserting objects into their ears, notably, cotton buds as they can leave some tissues damaged.

He urged that it was important to seek immediate medical assistance from audiologists once a person experiences unusual pain.

Most importantly, Mr Mantey admonished persons who work in noisy environments such as factories with large machines to resort to earplugs or dosimeters to help reduce noise entry into the ears and also to pick noise levels.


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