Abandoned E- block project left to rot in bush at Nakpayili


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E- block project at Nakpayili

Over 90 percent completed Mahama’s E-Block has been abandoned in the bush at Nakpayili in the Nanumba south district.

Speaking to Adom News, the Regent of the community, Shei Baba Wumbei, revealed that the former President, John Mahama, before the elections, noted that the school project will be abandoned if his government left office.

“John Mahama started the project and God made him reveal to us that if he lost the 2016 election, maybe the school will be abandoned by the government which will take over from him because they are not good in continuing projects started by other governments,” he disclosed.

The Nakpayili community day Senior High School (E-Block) project, which was started by Mr Mahama to serve as Technical Senior High School in the area, has unfortunately been abandoned.

The doors and windows of the building have been damaged and the structure has started developing cracks due to neglect on the part of the current government over a long period.

The E-block, which was about 95 percent complete with the school well painted, floor tired, has been totally neglected and turned into a bush.

Disappointed regent of Nakpayili, Shei Baba Wumbei, speaking to Adom News’ Illiasu Abdul Rauf Dabre, said the development is bad.

The regent of the community has called on NGO’s and individuals to help complete the project.

Some concerned residents, meanwhile, appealed to the government to help complete the project for the sake of the citizens.

“We can’t continue to throw money away like that as a country and the school is on road side, so we are appealing to government and individuals to help complete the project,” a resident said.


According to the Assembly members of the community, Umaru Wahab and Haruna Aminu, all efforts to help speed the process have been to no avail.


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