I earned GH¢1,500 as salary in Ghana, now I take GH¢9,000 in Vietnam


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File photo: A teacher

Vietnam-based Ghanaian teacher, Mercy Agyei Ankomah, has revealed that she makes GH¢9,000 as an English teacher in Vietnam. However, her take-home was GH¢1,500 in Ghana.

In an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, she said despite the huge sum of money she gets, she’s not paid on time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This time around, the salary is better. Before the pandemic, black teachers took $600. But during the pandemic, the white teachers left. So now I take $1,300. Others also receive $1,200 to $3,000.”

“The problem is that we were sent home in February due to a festival. So I have nothing to rely on. We are in March, and it’s the same,” she told DJ Nyaami.

According to the former Juaben Senior High School teacher, she lived a comfortable life in Ghana, but she decided to travel based on the ‘sugarcoated’ words from some travel agents.

She stated that she had a tough time when she first arrived in Vietnam in 2019.

She advised Ghanaians not to travel to Vietnam for greener pastures because there are no jobs aside from teaching English. Miss Ankomah stated that despite all these, she has no plans of coming back to Ghana.

“You work for two months and stay home for seven months and spend all the money. I’m not making up my mind to come to Ghana, but I’m not also ready to stay here. I know Ghana is expensive now,” she added.

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