Mental health institutions will only be refurbished when someone in power gets admitted – Abena Korkor [Video]


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Mental health advocate, Abena Korkor, says all the problems of mental health institutions will be resolved when a powerful politician gets admitted for a short period of time.

According to her, there have been moments when she failed to book an appointment after a relapse because she was afraid of being abused at the mental health facility.

She explained that, there have been moments where she was injected without her consent, adding that, she became more sick rather than recovering.

Mental health patients also get abused at the hospital…sometimes I am scared to even go after a relapse… I’ve been forcibly injected and they gave me an injection that almost made me an imbecile. My mum was bathing me and I couldn’t do anything, she explained.

Nonetheless, she also said some of the mental institutions dont have modern drugs that are given to patients who battle mental health.

Abena Korkor also said the national budget allocated to these mental health institutions is way less than what is require to run the facilities.

Some of the drugs are outdated drugs. The whole health budget is less than 1 per cent and a lot of these CSOs and NGOS are advocating but we are not giving it much attention.

Abena Korkor

Until someone in power will be affected, we will not see the importance of it. A lot of people are saying I am seeking attention. Wait until it is done to your mother, daughter or sister. If I am able to go to bed and know what I did was not for attention I am okay… even Jesus Christ was abused how much me a nobody? She told the host Jerry Justice.



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