How a sex toy almost killed me


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A woman ended up in the hospital, afraid for her life, after a self-stimulation session went horribly wrong.

The Army officer, whose username is @_alashawn2, claims she was hospitalized after she blacked out when she put a sex toy she was using on top speed.

An Army officer shared a horror story with a sex toy on TikTok

In a TikTok about “the thing that almost killed her,” the officer explained that she was stationed away from home for nearly a year when the incident happened.

“The toy got like 10 different settings on it so the first couple of things I use them like a lot of times so one day I just decided to just crack this whole right quick,” she says on the clip.

“I shouldn’t do that because level one, level two, it’d be sending me to heaven every single time.

“I cranked that thing up to level six – it’s a different vibration with little suction things.”

She says she was hospitalized after the incident
She says she was hospitalized after the incidentCredit: TikTok/_alashawn2

But after cranking up the settings, the officer was horrified to find she couldn’t get the toy out.

She explained: “I’m in heaven and suddenly I realize I can’t get it out of me.

“I tried to pull the toy out and it wouldn’t come out – the suction cup was not moving.

“I couldn’t get myself up because my body is so weak that I’m on the floor. Next thing I know, I blacked out.”

She included a video from the hospital bed to illustrate the horror story.

The clips explaining the incident have been watched more than a million times.

One comment said: “Yo omg who found you?”

Another added: “New fear unlocked.”

While the officer is fine after the unfortunate incident, experts recommend being extremely careful with sex toys.

Users should read each toy’s instructions to learn if they are meant to be inserted or not.


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