Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union calls for reforms as world Marks Int’l Women’s Day


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The Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union and the education department, Finnish-French Migrant Resource (MLGWUI-FFMRC), have called on the government to reform some standard practices against women.

MLHWUI, while applauding the government, also called for public education in terms of gender equality and education, as Ghana joins the world to Mark International Women’s Day.

The association paid homage to the late founder of the International Women’s Day, Clara (Eibner) Zetkina, who was a real model for women teachers and journalists to involve themselves in socio-economic and political spaces in an effort to defend Women Migrant Workers Rights, especially in labour relations and market.

Below is the full statement:

On the Commemoration of 2022 International Women’s Day, the March 8th, the MIGRANT LABOUR GENERAL WORKERS’ UNION INTERNATIONAL with her education department Finnish-French Migrant Resource (MLGWUI-FFMRC) wishes all working women, especially Women Migrant Workers and members of their families A Happy International Women’s Day.

MLGWUI is applauding the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ghana with her sponsored partners, UNFPA, Wilmar Ghana and Bel Beverages and most especially her Caretaker, Honourable Cecilia Abena Dapaah who is the substantive Minister for the Ministry for Sanitation and Water Resources for four major organised activities as part the 2022 Commemoration of the Day including Media Launch, Men Cooking Competition, What Do You Know and Public Seminar that we, MLGWUI have observed as public education especially for women migrant workers in terms of Gender Equality and Education amidst of Corona Virus Pandemic era.

Permit MLGWUI also to pay short Homage and posthumous solidarity to the Founder of the International Women’s Day, Clara (Eibner) Zetkina, a German.

Clara Zetkin was born Clara Eißner on July 5, 1857 in Wiederau, in the Kingdom of Saxony, and died in Arkhangelskoye, near Moscow, on June 20, 1933 at the age of 75 years.

Her surname changed from Clara Eißner to Clara Zetkin when she married to Ossip Zetkin.

She had two children namely Maxime Zetkin and Constantin Zetkin respectively.

Clara was a Professional Teacher and Journalist, as well as Migrant Worker taken into consideration her working movement.

She became the President of of International Women’s Socialist from August 17, 1907 to 1917 (10 years).

We undersigned leaders of MLGWUI believe Clara Zetkin’s professions became real model for Women Teachers and Journalists to involve themselves in socio-economic and political spaces in an effort to defend Women Migrant Workers Rights especially in labour relations and market.

Her restless defence of women’s working rights that made possible acceptance by United Nations for International Women’s Day.

Migrant Women’s Workers and Diaspora Immigrant Women pay Solidarity Homage to her Clara Zetkin on the Commemoration of the 2022 International Women’s Day!
May She Continue Resting In Paradise Until We Join Her In Eternal Heaven! Amen!

In the global quest for Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow, we, the Migrant Labour General Workers Union International therefore demande Gender Equality and Sustainability to start working today March 8, 2022 to enable Women Migrant Workers meet challenges of Corona Virus Pandemic challenges as follows:

(1). Men should spend enough time with their spouses and children at homes especially by sharing Cooking Responsibilities;

(2). All Migrant International Students and Documented and Undocumented African Ghanaian Women Immigrant Workers and members of their families in Ukraine and surrounding countries or communities should respond to their governments’ home calls and avail themselves for immediate evacuation instead of hidding and seeking for greener pastures in third countries in Europe;

(3). Global Governments or Heads of State and employers should consider health, industrial and administrative space for Ukraine Returned Migrant Students, Temporary Internship with Allowances after they have gone through their Psycological and COVID-19 Test and Waiting to continue their education;

(4). Women Migrant Workers are asking African Leaders and Heads of State to create employment space in public sector for women in pursuing to reduce Irregular and Untimely Unification Migration;

(5). Government of Ghana should consider and extend “YouStart” programmes to Women Migrant Workers, Returned Migrant Workers and Women Refugees;

(6). Maternity Leave in Africa should be six (6) months;

(7). Ministry of Gender, Children, Social Social Protection should submit an urge proposal to Parliament for immediate enactment of law for removal and elimination Street Beggars within three months effective 8th of March 2022 in order to stop dangerous road-street economic activities of Internal Women Migrants and Women Immigrants and members of their families;

(8). Africa Heads of State must fulfil their promises to citizens in their first tunure of office to avoid Mistrust and Coup d’ètat intrusion;

(9). Female National Security Personnels and Revenue Collections Staff must be well paid;

(10). Ministry of Agriculture, Ghana should ensure Food Security, Hygiene, Preservation through public education and regular support to rural farmers;

(11). We do NOT accept personal empowerment as a solution to our state; we fight for our collective emancipation;

(12). We do NOT accept to remain trapped in the supposed privilages of our Gender, but to abolish Gender and class and their consequences of Inequalities and Slavery;

(13). We are now Abolitionists of Prostitution, Wombs to Rent, Pornography and everything related to the sex industry; and

(14). Ministry of Gender should invite Women Migrant Workers to her next public and educative events.

Migrant Labour General Workers Union International is willing to fight for a dignified life for all Women Migrant Workers home and diaspora to enjoy decent employment and retirement in this generation and future.

Until next 2023 International Women’s Day when we hope to commemorate with educative and joyful activities, let us pray for global peace for nations, nation leaders, homes and decent work employments for Women Migrant Workers!


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