Start career path with the end in mind – Architect Karen Evans Halm


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Karen Evans Halm, Principal Architect and Chief Operations Officer at Spektra Global, a design and build firm, has facilitated a workshop dubbed ‘A Day with the Girls’ with Architectural students from Central University College.

The workshop formed part of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration.

Mrs Halm urged the students to have the end goal in mind when thinking about careers.

This, she said, will inform the way they would plan the rest of their lives to help them achieve their end goal.

“Success does not come by chance; it comes through a well-thought-out plan backed by commitment and discipline”, she said.

Mrs Halm advised young men to encourage their female colleagues, sisters and wives to excel and achieve in every field they choose to venture in.

She stated that men should not marry with the intention of making their wives nannies or babysitters but rather understand that women also have their own career plans which should not be sacrificed due to marriage.

Below are some more photos of Mrs Halm’s engagement with the students:

Mrs Halm illustrates a point to the students during the interaction

She also urged the youth to be inspired and follow their passion in their field of interest, while seeking career advice and career enhancement to help sharpen their skills and keep them relevant in their field of choice.

Speaking on the relevance of the workshop, Architect Karen Halm said it was necessary to equip upcoming youth, especially young women, to help them on their career journey.

“It is important for students to constantly interact with professionals in their field of study. This is inspiring, eye-opening, and refreshing,” she said.

Mr Frankly Kobina Enos, a student at Central University College, said he was scared about the field of architecture but is currently optimistic as he has been exposed to the industry.

Ms Allison Antiaye, another student at the event said she was inspired to study architecture, which was classified as a male-dominated field, by leading women like Mrs. Halm, who have excelled in the field.

Mrs Halm in a group photo with some students

Mr Jonathan Nerquaye-Tetteh lecturer at the Department of Architecture from Central University College commended the organisers of the workshop which exposed students to people in the field as well as to gather practical experience from seasoned architects.

The workshop was divided into two sessions; an in-house interactive discussion with Architect Karen Evans Halm, and women excelling in the field of Architecture at Spektra Global.

The second and final part of the session was a site visit of two of Spektra Global’s sites; the ICGC Zoe Temple and ‘Burkina’, where students were given a tour of the buildings.

Spektra Global is a design and build professional firm providing architectural, interior design and build as well as construction management services for corporate institutions and private individuals in Ghana.


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