Delay’s alleged house help makes U-turn; apologises in latest post


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A self-imposed house help of radio presenter Delay has made a sharp U-turn after being threatened with the law.

In a petition dated June 6, it revealed the purported house help is being wanted by the CID and lawyers of Delay for fraudulent impersonation.

Her crime; she, in a self-taken video, claimed to have worked for Delay and has evidence to prove the media person has a year and half old daughter.

She, among other things, claimed to have seen delay breastfeed the child on several occasions, in response to a taunt that Delay is “barren at 47”.

In reaction, Delay stated clearly she has no relations with the said house help and all she said is just a fiction of her own imagination, the reason for the petition to the CID to investigate the said house help.

However, using the same channel she made those claims; TikTok, the house help has made a U-turn and apologised to Delay.

Though she did not refute or confirm her claims, she said she acted on impulse and pain after hearing her role model being taunted online.

She indicated that her intentions were not malicious and she had no idea she would trend for the wrong reason.

Source Adomonline

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