Presidency is a tedious job; nothing sweet in it – John Mahama


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Former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has diffused perceptions that the presidency is a juicy position that comes with a lot of sweet benefits.

According to the statesman and the 2020 flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), being a President in Ghana is not as easy as being painted by the general public.

‘If you care about your nation and work day and night to change the fortune of your people there is nothing sweet in the presidency. But if you just came to enjoy the perks of the office, the perks are there. Free transport, free everything, you fly in a private jet, you do all those kinds of things if came to enjoy that office without really caring how you transform your people then you’ll enjoy It.’ he said.

In a re-streamed interview with Ugandan Channel, NBS TV monitored by, Mr. Mahama told host, Samson Kasumba that there are moments when the presidency becomes a ‘sweet’ place to be.

‘But if you came to transform people, even if when you’re sitting in a private jet, you’re thinking about ‘what I can do next to transform my people’. Every moment in time, you’re thinking and calling your ministers and asking what is happening’.

‘It can be a stressful office if you came for a transformation but some people fight for the office of the president just for the perks and enjoyment and the entitlement of it’, the former President observed

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