IMF Bailout: Domelevo to audit govt of Ghana accounts? The full facts


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A viral news report without a source circulating online indicates that the International Monetary Fund IMF has chosen former Auditor General of the Republic of Ghana Mr. Daniel Y. Domelevo to audit the books of accounts of the government of Ghana before any bailout.

The news has been shared multiple times with several Ghanaians expressing happiness about the development as many of then believe the government has something to hide.

Others are happy because they say it is “karma” after the hounding out of office of the former Auditor General over his age, despite he maintaining he was not due for retirement. But has the IMF given Mr. Domelevo a new job for him to audit the book of Ghana before a bailout?

Checks by indicates the news is false — the IMF has yet to constitute a team to meet the Ghana side to negotiate on the terms of the bailout.

Sources say this negotiations could take months to possibly a year before a final program is agreed and disbursement is made.

Were the IMF to approach Domelevo, sources say the government can protest if it believes he won’t be fair, and this can be captured in the terms of the broader negotiations between Ghana and the IMF.

Should Domelevo opt to join the IMF, it will not be the first time he is working with an external body as he has a rich experience working on World Bank Auditing projects and has worked in Tanzania and Zimbabwe on various external initiatives.

Earlier the EU made an offer to Domelevo and many suspected he could be assigned roles in Ghana but this did not happen. The EU says it offers such consultancy contract opportunities on “approach basis” for retired Civil servants especially Judges, Auditors and Security personnel in Immigration, military, police and intelligence in African nations where the EU has an interest in order to facilitate its work.

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