E/R: Abuakwa North MCE, Assemblymen Tour Zipline Medical Drone Service Center


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Hon Alhaji Umar Babs Bodinga, Municipal Chief Executive for Abuakwa North, led all the Assembly Members, Government Appointees and some Departmental Heads of the Assembly for a field trip to the first Zipline Drone Service facility established in Ghana at Omenako in the Eastern Region of Ghana today 14th July 2022.

Speaking to the media, Hon Alhaji Umar Babs Bodinga said, the motive behind the trip is to let the Assembly members have first-hand information about Zipline Drone Services so that, they(Assembly Members) can inturn inform their people of the great impact this initiative by the Nana Akufo-Addo led New Patriotic Party’s Government is having on the people.

“There are a lot of great projects President, Nana Akufo-Addo has done in the country since his assumption of power which lacked the required publicity.

So my Administration and I decided to bring the Honourable Assembly Members, who are the first custodians or point of call in their Electoral areas to have first-hand knowledge of this facility after the Chief of (Nobi), a hard-to-reach Community, in my Municipality, I eulogised Government and Zipline Drone Service for their commitment to saving lives, as a pregnant woman with medical severe complications delivered safely under the initiative, a situation the Chief described as commendable, under Nana Akufo-Addo’s administration.” Hon Alhaji Umar Babs Bodinga said.

He further admonished the Honourable Assembly Members, to be ambassadors of their respective Electoral Areas, concerning the developmental initiatives the Central Government has brought to their enclaves.

The innovative medical drone delivery services operated by Zipline have since its introduction made over 5 million standard vaccine deliveries, fortifying Ghana’s position as the country with the world’s largest medical drone delivery service.

The work of Zipline from April 2019 to date includes delivering some 2 million lifesaving medical products or commodities, 850 thousand COVID-19, 4 million routine vaccine doses 868 thousand medical products, 6 thousand blood units and 5 thousand biological samples according to Mrs Shemau Muniru, Community Lead Ghana of Zipline Omenako.

She added that Omenako Zipline serves all Government approved health facilities in the Eastern Region and some parts of the Central Region.

Six of the Zipline Drone Service Stations are operating in Ghana, covering about seventy-two (72%) per cent health facilities in the country and according to her, plans are far advanced to establish two more stations to boost the coverage to a little over eighty-five per cent.

It could be recalled and acknowledged that the first Zipline Drone Service Station for medical products and commodity delivery was established at Omenako in the year 2019 and had its first medical delivery to Akyem New-Tafo Government Hospital all in the Eastern Region.

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