Farmer bleeding after sex with ex-girlfriend he cursed


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A 40-year farmer has been suffering from erectile bleed for the past four days after having sex with his former girlfriend he cursed during an argument.

“I only urinate blood instead of actual urine and it’s quite uncomfortable, I’m suffering”, he said.

Revealing the sudden incident to Nana Ampofo Barima on Hot FM’s “Ay3 Hu” show, he was residing with the woman, who is 45 years old [name withheld] in a rural community at Wasa Dompem in the Western Region.

He said they were living in peace until they had a dispute because he was unable to provide housekeeping money since he was only working on the women’s farm without any other source of income to feed the home, though he sometimes supports with GHc 50 or GHc 100 whenever he gets a job.

They cursed, verbally attacked, and vowed never to have sex with one another again. They broke up, and the man moved to Accra in search of a job.

After 3 weeks of the relationship ending, he phoned the woman and asked her to visit him in Accra, which she did.

When the woman arrived, he booked a guest house for their stay and that night they had an affair despite their vow to no longer have sex. forgotten they cursed not to have sex anymore. After engaging in sexual activity with her ex-girlfriend, blood has been gushing profusely from his penis for the past four days.

According to the woman in an interview with Hot Fm’s “Ay3 Hu,” the situation seems strange to her because she has never seen it before. As a result, she will make sure the man recovers before returning to her hometown.

According to a spiritualist, they should obtain sand from where they invoked the curses in Wasa Dompem before the curse can be reversed for the man to be set free. However, they don’t have money for transportation and also owe the guest house they are staying because it wasn’t planned to stay for long.

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