There is nothing wrong with smoking wee  – Amakye Dede


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The issue of smoking marijuana in Ghana has many controversies and legalities surrounding it. Fundamentally, it is illegal to do that as the Ghanaian culture also frowns against it while the various religions see it as a sin.

Many of those who take part in the act of smoking weed have faced prosecution either in the law courts and subsequently jailed

But Legendary Ghanaian Highlife singer, composer and songwriter Daniel Amakye Dede popularly known as Amakye Dede thinks it unnecessary for society to chase people who smoke or use the herb in any way.

In fact, he (Amakye Dede) has already said marijuana must be legalized in the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on GHOne TV with Nanan Aba Anamoah, Amakey Dede categorically stated that there is nothing wrong with smoking weed.

“I don’t think smoking is bad”, Amkye Dede said in his interview.

According to the legend, anyway, people would want to use the herb is good. Either by smoking, drinking it as tea or whatever means he insists it is not bad as perceived.

“Anyhow you want to take it is cool. I don’t think is wrong”, Amakye Dede said when asked what the best way to use the herb is?

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