Provide engagement pictures before you can vouch for your wife’s Ghana Card – NIA tells applicant


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Man fumes after National Identification Authority staff at Lashibi in the Greater Accra Region required engagement pictures before he can serve as a guarantor for his wife’s Ghana card.

Speaking on Hot Fm’s ‘Ay3 Hu’ taped by, he has already registered for the Ghana Card so he wanted to vouch for his wife at one of the registration centres at Lashibi 18 Junction in Accra to vouch for her but the officers asked him to provide engagement pictures to prove they are couples.

He said he’s customary married to the wife with two children though they have not wedded, yet the registration officers insisted that he should provide pictures of the traditional marriage to prove his point since they are not in engagement rings.

According to him, he could not provide the required pictures because his smartphone has damaged, and he’s now using a keypad (yam) phone.

“My wife needs the Ghana Card to register her sim card because the end date of the sim card re-registration is approaching, but we have been denied because we were unable to submit the engagement pictures, so I don’t know what we are going to do now”. He added.

1. Compulsory requirements include:
a. The applicant’s Birth Certificate or
b. The applicant’s valid Passport or
c. One of the applicant’s relatives who possess a Ghana Card to vouch for the applicant or
d. Two non-relatives who know the applicant to be a Ghanaian and who possess Ghana Cards to vouch for the applicant; and
e. The Ghana Post Digital Address of the applicant’s residence.

2. For the vouching for process, the following categories of persons are the only ones mandated to vouch for an applicant where the applicant has no known relatives who possess a Ghana Card:

a. A practising or retired professional teacher (including principals, headmasters & headteachers)
b. A Gazetted Chief
c. A practicing or retired Magistrate or Judge
d. A practicing or retired licenced Professional e.g. doctor, nurse, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect etc.
e. A serving or retired civil/public servant
f. A serving or retired Clergyman
g. An Imam
h. A serving or retired Catechist
i. A serving or retired member of the security services including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, BNI, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service of the Ghana Revenue Service and National Security
j. A current or past Member of Parliament, An Assembly or Unit Committee

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