Change your wig; it has lost its identity – Chief Justice to Akoto Ampaw


The Supreme Court was Monday thrown into laughter when the Chief Justice, Justice Anin-Yeboah, advised counsel for the 2nd Respondent, Akoto Ampaw, to dispose of his wig for having lost its identity.

In a seeming jovial advice to the lawyer for the 2nd Respondent, who had just finished his submission in opposition to a motion by the petitioner to reopen his page, the Chief Justice addressed him.

 “Mr. Akoto Ampaw, I think you have to change your wig, it has lost its identity as a wig”, he said.

Mr. Ampaw took off the wig from his head, looked at it and put it back on his head while responding the Chief Justice.

“My Lord, it gives it a unique identity”, he said.

The court was thrown into a momentary laughter.


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