Don’t focus on awards but they are not awful… – Koda hints

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Ghanaian Gospel Musician Kofi Owusu Dua Anto prevalently known as KODA has communicated that artistes getting grants for their work isn’t terrible in itself however when these artistes put such a great amount of spotlight on grants instead of their work, it turns into an incredible concern.

Speaking on Y97.9 with Chelsy Sey, on the ‘Ryse N Shyne’ show monitored by, he said, “Grants are not awful. At the point when they are on the table, they are delightful. It’s even written in the Bible. When David planned to battle Goliath, He asked, What will be given to him when he tosses him down?

So there isn’t anything incorrectly in requesting the award for work done yet on the off chance that you make that the centre, at that point each time you are asking about it rather than focusing on the work itself”.

KODA urged artistes to zero in on improving their works as opposed to zero in on grants when he represented,” The rancher doesn’t go on the homestead the main day and state where are the organic products? Plant the thing, work the dirt and over the long run, you will see it develop”.

KODA is known for huge numbers of his gospel melodies which incorporates the famous ‘Nsem Pii’ tune.


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