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A Nigerian lady is pained as she claimed that her man didn’t show up to cruise when she shaved and waited for him on Val’s Day.

Val’s Day is a day a lot of love is shared, but it is also a day where disappointments are rife as people get to see the real colours of the people that they date.

According to this lady who is lamenting, she had shaved her pubic regions just to pave way for the man to have a smooth ride but sadly, he refused to show up and that pissed her off a lot.

She described men as a scam as they will always disappoint you along the way when you have offered them so much.

“I shaved my field yesterday and the player refused to show up. Men are scum,” she wrote.

There has never been a Val’s Day without activity as love matters are taken so seriously. Some of the stories are however so weird you just wonder if there really is genuine love these days.

See the tweet by the disturbed lady who lamented that her man didn’t show up when he lay in wait for him.

He was probably cruising somewhere else abandoning this unlucky woman.

Tweet below;

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