Missing names in Special Voting: Security Expert warns of serious security implications

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Security Expert, Adam Bonaa, has intensified his call on the EC to rectify the issue of missing names on the Special Voters Register as he warns of the serious implication this occurrence may have on the December 7th elections.

According to him, this phenomenon may cause serious security issues if left unchecked.

Speaking to Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show, he explained what may happen when he said:
“The implication is that first of all we are going to have not so motivated officers. This is because the officer has been disenfranchised. And even if these ones are allowed to vote early on Election Day, we all know that in this country there is likely to be a delay in the setup of the apparatus for the voting”.

He furthered, “The chances are that you are going to have officers who are supposed to be protecting human beings and ballot boxes looking elsewhere when there are issues. Officers may not be on time at a polling station because they may have gone to a different polling centre to vote”.

Adam Bona reiterated that he “sees challenges ahead” and it is thus important the EC addresses the issue before it is too late.

Security Analyst, Adam Bona has alleged that more than sixty per cent of the officers who will be performing security duties on election day were excluded from the list of persons eligible to take part in the special voting.

However, the Electoral Commission(EC) has denied claims by Security Analyst, Adam Bona.

Source: e.TV Ghana

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