“No Woman In Her Right Senses Would Want To Marry A Man That Stakes Bet, Lotto, And plays Drafts” –Vivian Rora Says » GhBase•com™


The Nigerian Twitter Freak, Vivian Rora, who is a known controversialist, is at it again with her latest assertion that will likely irk some men a lot.

Betting and the staking of lotto, as well as playing the draft are just things that men enjoy doing a lot.

It’ll take some work to pull a man away from these things especially when they are enjoying it more.

But According to Vivian Rora, no woman, thinking right in her senses, would want to marry a man who does all these things.

She didn’t state any particular reason to bark her claim that women will not want to marry men who do all those things.

Given the sort of problems those habits could lead a man into, it is a legitimate fear because a woman would not want to go to a man’s house and be struggling to feed while he just walks around aimlessly.

No woman in her right senses will want to marry a man that plays BET, LOTTO , DRAFT or BABA IJEBU,” Vivian states emphatically.

This is some free advice for the guys as you now know one of the reasons why women often reject you when you ask them out.

If you bet, stake lotto and play a lot of drafts, you need to stop if you need a wife, else no girl will marry you.

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