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Church auditoriums or Chapels in Africa are often massed up with people seeking to get closer to their maker.

On Sundays and Saturdays, as well as during Christian Religious celebrations, you see a lot of people in Chapels praising their maker.

People of different faiths have always argued that Africans have taken Christianity too seriously than the Western people that introduced it to us during the colonial era.

Given the extremely religious nature of Africans, one would have thought that crime rates would have been kept at a minimum but far from it as crimes are being committed daily.

We still envy, kill and destroy ourselves.

It is this that baffles actress Cindy Okafor who insinuated that though many people go to church, a chunk of them are wicked.

She puts it that people who are wicked are actually the most frequent church goers and she finds difficult to fathom this.

She decided to seek answers as to why wicked people go to church frequently than any other people.

Why be say people wey wicked wella, na them dey go church pass?” She quizzed.

Do you have any idea why this is the case? You could help Cindy Okafor with some answers.

Kindly share them with us.

See her post on Twitter below;

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